Corporate, Commercial, Infrastructure and Procurement Law

Whichever of AVAC’s services you use they are intended to provide clients with effective solutions to meet individual needs. Whether you need a complete project delivery service to give a “turn-key” solution, or a simple direct secondment into your organisation, on a project by project basis, we aim to offer AVAC as an extension to your project teams.   By working collaboratively from the very beginning of a project the essential nuances of client requirements are understood and a hands-on approach is very much at the cornerstone of AVAC's service to ensure the very best solutions to meet client needs can be achieved. In addition to Project work, the traditional legal firm approach can be taken in relation to client Corporate, Commercial and Non- Contentious Construction Law needs.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help in particular in relation to the following:

Corporate LAW

Company Formation -  Are you confused about what kind of Company you should form?

  • AVAC can guide you through your choices
  • Provide bespoke and off-the shelf Company Documentation to help you register your company, LLP, Trust and provide bespoke Partnership Agreements where required.
  • Offer workshops for New Directors, Trustees and Partnerships to give your new organisation confidence to advance.

Workshops to Cover

  • Directors Duties Liabilities and Responsibilities 
  • Trustee Obligations and Charitable Status
  • Corporate Obligations and the Corporate Identity
  • Partnering
  • Engaging Employees 
  • Managing Employees

Any aspect of Corporate needs we will take care of them efficiently, with integrity and with your corporate best interests at heart.

Commercial LAW

Commercial problems are varied and AVAC can help with them all- from reviewing and advising on small contracts which although potentially small value, might have a high impact upon your organisation if you get them wrong!  to advising, drafting, and negotiating contracts on your behalf however big or small don't hesitate to call.

 AVAC has a strong track record in undertaking such matters on behalf of clients as evidenced on the Projects page.

Please feel free to contact us to address any of your commercial needs or concerns.

Infrastructure and construction Projects 

AVAC can offer a range of services through collaborative working when it comes to undertaking Infrastructure and Construction Projects, depending upon client needs and experience. AVAC can either become an extension to your team, be seconded into your team, or be on the other end of the phone to advise your team, but if you need it we can even provide the team to deliver your end goal.  Or simply review your contracts, tell you what they mean and ensure that they are what you expect.  Below we highlight just some of the tasks we can perform on your behalf:

  • Project Planning and Programming
  • Development of Risk Registers
  • Contract Advice, Drafting, Amending and or reviewing bespoke or other standard form JCT, NEC  and industry suites of documents as necessary.
  • Drafting and Negotiating Development Agreements,
  • Development of Design Team and Sub-Contract Suite of Documents including Warranties and Novation Agreements.
  • Setting out and establishing a Value for Money Tracking System (C)Copy right to AVAC ltd.

EU Procurement law

Brexit will be upon us in the near future, but in the interim Public Sector and Contracting Authorities as defined within the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, will still be required to comply with EU Procurement Law, indeed it is anticipated that even in spite of Brexit, the UK will be required to adhere to the Procurement Regulations when trading with EU entities, but if you have any Procurement issues, problems or uncertainties please do not hesitate to call.

Rates and Pricing

As a niche practice focussed upon the provision of Corporate, Commercial, Infrastructure Construction and Procurement Projects in conjunction with Procurement Law and State Aid Matters the pricing of such is governed by many varied and significantly different factors.  Thus pricing will be discussed and agreed on a Project by Project basis prior to engagement.  If appropriate either day rates, hourly rates or fixed fees can be agreed, subject to contract.

Professional Indemnity

As an SRA Regulated Company we are required to carry as a minimum £3million Professional Indemnity Insurance which is provided through QPI Legal Brokers in Northampton, and who can be contacted on 01604712222.   Whilst this level is sufficient to cover most projects AVAC is quite happy on a project by project basis to increase this level where requested and necessary to do so.

Making a complaint

As a small firm we try to develop lasting relationships with our clients and in so doing engender an environment within which clients should be comfortable in raising any concerns with the lawyer concerned immediately.

AVAC is founded upon its reputation in developing a strong customer focus and client relationship, and therefore it is of paramount importance to the Director that AVAC is able to promote an environment in which clients are comfortable in raising issues as they arise.  However, complaints do happen and  this complaints guidance is for the benefit of all existing clients, and prospective clients to underpin the ethos of the firm in developing an open and mutually beneficial relationship built upon mutual trust, integrity and confidence.

If therefore you have any concerns at any stage about the way we have undertaken work on your behalf, please raise those concerns as soon as possible with the lawyer concerned. If you do not feel able to discuss the matter with him or her, then please contact their supervising officer who will be named in your engagement letter, because we are a small firm this might be someone independant and potentially from another firm of solicitors.

The supervising officer will acknowledge your complaint in writing and give you a time scale for responding to your complaint, adapting the following procedure to suit the circumstances. The supervising officer will either deal with the matter or ask another senior lawyer to do so, if that is more appropriate and if necessary, and where it is in the best interests of the client engage an independent consultant to undertake any necessary investigations in accordance with our duties of care.

Most complaints that we receive are resolved in this way.

In the event that you feel unable to speak with either the lawyer concerned, Angela Vodden or the nominated supervising partner, or are not satisfied with the response, and

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction within 8 weeks, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman. Any complaint to the Legal Ombudsman must usually be made within six years of the date of the act or omission which you wish to complain or within three years of the date you should have discovered the complaint. 

It may be that the Legal Ombudsman is unable to deal with your complaint. If in doubt you should contact the Legal Ombudsman on 0300 555 0333 or by email: or by writing to the Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ or visit their website

Complaints should however be sent initially to:

Angela Vodden - Director and responsible for Risk and Compliance.

7 Grasmere Close, Fulwood, Preston PR2 8BB