Future Projects...

The next collaboration AVAC and the University of Central Lancashire are working towards, subject to successfully obtaining grant funding, relates to how PPPs or PPP(P)s, can contribute to the re-development of geographical areas,  and communities that have been devastated by a natural catastrophe such as flood, fire, earthquake events and other man made disasters.  PPP(P) intervention is believed could not only assist in the rebuild and redevelopment of infrastructure but also bring about socio-economic advantages for the communities involved.  With innovation and creative financial PPP(P) it is also anticipated that the devastation and damage created by future natural catastrophic events can be minimised if the correct PPP(P)s are brought together and work together early.  This research is being undertaken collaboratively between UCLAN and the Philippines University in (Manilla) .

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AVAC works in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire and a number of European Universities on research projects linked to innovative Construction, Engineering and PPP mechanisms, which enable communities to progress sustainable infrastructure developments where historically solutions have seemed impossible.

Previous research has included COST Action TU 1001- Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends and Theory (P3T3), in which AVAC presented research papers in South Africa, Greece and the UK.

As an active member of the International Project Finance Association AVAC keeps abreast of world wide projects as they develop and implements lessons learned from that arena into projects undertaken by AVAC.

AVAC is also a member of the University of Nottingham academic network for procurement professionals and is involved in the Procurement and Policy LLM course which is being delivered from September 2017.


Successful Projects

AVAC has undertaken work both with Professor Athena Roumboutsos  at the University of Aegean Campuses in Athens and Rhodes island in Greece and Dr. Champika Liyanage- seeking VFM in procurement methods to improve transport links and solutions to connect remote and unreachable areas within EU countries, this research culminated in a final collection of workshops in Brussels hosted by the OECD to showcase the successful conclusions to the research undertaken.

Dr. Champika Lasanthi Liyanage - University of Central Lancashire

If you are interested in receiving research updates or would like to be involved in collaboration work please contact Dr. Angela Vodden at ; or Dr. Champika Liyanage